Thankful Thursday-Afternoon Naps

10/27/2011 06:35:00 PM Posted by mommy2twincesses

Today was one of those days that I’ve been hanging on by a thread. I woke up, too early, on the wrong side of the bed. Murphy’s Law was in full force and I’m pretty sure there was an actual little black cloud floating over my head just waiting to burst out in showers and lightening.

I was such a bear that I actually apologized to my girls for my obscene grumpiness and their response brought me to tears. Toddlers clearly love like dogs-unconditionally.

M told me, “It’s okay mommy. We forgive you.” I swear those are the sweetest words I’ve heard to date.

I was sitting in the floor and was chocked up so instead of saying anything in return I simply opened my arms and they came running. *melts*
The day went a little smoother from this point on and then when their nap time came along, the clouds opened up, my mind was able to take a break, and I actually caught a nap too!

When we all got up I wish I could say that the evening was filled with grins and giggles, but I can’t. It was the girls’ turn to be crabby :o(
Without my nap I may just have been shipped off to the funny farm. I made it through with all of my hair intact and without a one way ticket to a padded room; success!

As simple as a nap sounds, today, I am beyond thankful!


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