Favorite Disney Cruise Keepsake-Signed Photo Mat

2/11/2013 11:33:00 AM Posted by mommy2twincesses

Before our first family Disney cruise I did tons of research looking for the best tips and secrets of DCL passengers. I compiled a list here-Disney Cruise Insider Tips and Secrets-and this post is dedicated to my favorite one, taking items to guest services for signing!

Before we left I had several different ideas of things for the characters to sign. I had a hard time deciding between t-shirts, autograph bears, pillow cases, and a photo frame/mat. I ultimately chose the photo mat and I’m SO glad I did! 

Here’s my thinking: t-shirts would be too small in no time and I really didn’t want them to wear and possibly ruin them, autograph bears would take up too much room in our luggage, a pillow case would get dirty because I’m sure mine would want to sleep on it and I’m afraid of it ruining after several washes, and I never found an actual signable photo frame that I liked-so, photo mat it was!

The photo mat was virtually flat and weightless which made packing it a piece of cake, it’s not something that we’ll outgrow, will wear out, or take up too much room, so for us, it was the perfect choice!

Along with the photo frame I took a Ziplock bag full of brightly colored Sharpie markers and a little “thank you” gift for the crew to guest services the first night on board. They gave me a slip of paper to fill out which just asked our basic information including cabin number so it could be returned to us the last night of our trip.

This is what we got back! We LOVE it!

I printed out pictures of us with the different characters and will change the photo out from time to time. It’s hands down our favorite keepsake from our Disney cruise and will be treasured forever!


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