Friday Fill In

10/07/2011 06:37:00 PM Posted by mommy2twincesses

Yep, I decided this meme was pretty fun so I'm on board for good. Okay, as on board as I can be while still living up to the wishy washyness I'm known for :oP

1. How can I get my workouts in with two tiny crazy people clinging to my legs?!

2. I’m just trying to keep my eyes open at the moment.

3. That summer, the one that I was able to rock that teeny Hilfiger bikini, I wish I had that body back :/

4. My Mamaw was hateful and we respected that because we were scared of getting whacked with the cane.

5. What was their names?! 11 years has been a LONG time ago. *head slap* Class reunions :/

6. I’m addicted to Facebook because it lets me stay in touch.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to sleeping GOOD (thank you ambien), tomorrow my plans include a 5K first thing in the morning, followed by the girls’ fall pictures, and then two birthday parties, and Sunday, I want to recuperate from Saturday’s craziness!


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