13 Nights of Halloween-Masquerade Ball

10/23/2011 03:13:00 PM Posted by mommy2twincesses

My girls love to watch Mickey Mouse club house and one of their favorite episodes is "Minnie's Masquerade Ball". I thought our "13 Nights of Halloween" would be the perfect time to host our very own "mask-carade", so we did!

I found these perfectly adorable and free printable masks on FoldingTrees!

It didn't take any time to print these babies, cut 'em out, and loop a couple of rubberbands to each. I printed out four of the five available masks (I thought the vampire was a bit too spooky for us)and we had a ball at our "Masquerade Ball".

I had intended on not donning them until after supper but the girls spotted them on the counter and pleaded to try them out immediately. We had a grand time eating incognito and then dancing ourselves silly afterward!


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