Confessions of a Mommy Blogger-Letter of Truth

9/15/2012 09:57:00 AM Posted by mommy2twincesses

Though I’ve been blogging now for quite some time (in the 2-3 year range, I’m doing good to remember what happened yesterday, so forgive my vagueness), my basic reasoning behind the madness has shifted, and I feel I must confess a simple truth to those of you kind enough to read my ramblings.
When I first started blogging I did so for a multitude of reasons, one of which was for monetary compensation. Since the initial gig has ran dry I’ve found myself in quite the predicament; though I no longer was getting paid to blog, I still WANTED to-thus, I began here on with a personal blog for nothing other than my personal drive to share way too much information.
My point in confessing is this-I don’t blog everyday (and we all know that seems to be a cardinal rule in the blogosphere), I don’t post about nonsense, and basically, if I’m sharing something on here, it’s because I found whatever it is so compelling I simply couldn’t keep it bottled inside.
*deep sigh of relief*
Thank you for letting me get that off my chest! Thank you for continuing to read though I don’t “play by rules”!
I don’t have time to waste chatting away about things that simply don’t matter, to share countless (and most of the time seemingly useless) coupons and give-aways, and I know that you don’t have time to waste clicking through to those things.
So here’s to us! The over-sharers, the party planners, the last minute supper fixers, the overzealous parents who feel the need to document our lives for fear of one day forgetting that it was the little things that brought us the most joy, and of course, the exclusive members of the “Parents of Multiples” club!
I vow to not waste your time, not only because I don’t have time of my own to waste, but because I honestly just don’t see the point! Subscribe with confidence that there will be no “junk” posts here-because I just love us that much :o)


  1. Matthew Peregoy said...

    Blog for you. The only rule in blogging is, as Guy Kawasaki puts it, (and pardon my French) to "write good shit." If it's not a business for you anymore, then you can't keep giving it the attention that a business demands. Do what you do, and do it well. Keep it up! I'd rather read one intelligent or funny or moving post a month than thirty fluffy nothings.

  2. Mary Anne Payne said...

    Yay I've found another synpatico blogger-if I ain't got something good to say I wait till I do. Besides-the only poop and pee I'll talk about would be my own, and that's not that exciting either...

  3. Aramelle {One Wheeler's World} said...

    I refuse to follow all of these supposed "rules," too. I would far prefer to read one post a month from a blogger who inspires me with their writing than a daily post about nothing. All the reviews and giveaways just start to feel like one, big commercial to me. *shrug*

  4. mommy2twincesses said...

    Thank you all! You have NO idea how refreshing it is to hear that others "get it" and "get me"! Whew........big weight lifted :o)

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