Holler if You Hear Me-When it all Comes Flooding in at Once

9/18/2012 07:52:00 PM Posted by mommy2twincesses

It seems like just yesterday it was sweltering hot outside as summer was raking us over every single hot coal she had left in the fire. Then, today, honestly, like a fresh burst of air, fall made an appearance and everything seemed right with the world…….for the few seconds it took to realize that now autumn is actually upon us, that also means tons of things to do!
I don’t know about you, but I’ve kind of had squat to do all summer. Like, nothing pressing, nothing someone else was counting on me for, and nothing major that I felt like I had to prepare for. Summer was just bum time in my neck of the woods.
However, yesterday I took an abrupt chop to the goozle region when I realized all that was going on in the next few months. I’ll just give you the brief rundown of what’s going on-and hopefully you can then give me some very detailed suggestions as to make it happen and stay out of a little padded cell as well.
First off, our church is giving a shower for a wonderful friend, so of course I’m “helping” with that. That is the 30th of this month. I need to shop and see what planning needs to be done on my end for this shower.
September is “family cotton picture” time! This I can and will NOT scratch off the list! The guys are already picking, so I’ve got to scrounge together some outfits, pencil in naps and snacks so I’ll have happy ladies to photograph and SOON-like probably tomorrow soon. YIKES!
October…………3 weekends in a row of 5ks, hosting 2 baby showers, getting together Halloween costumes, decorating my home for Halloween, Zoo Boo, Fall Festival (x2 now I think), and of course, trick or treating.
November has to include some shopping. I despise last minute crap-drives me nuts! Thanksgiving is being turned upside down by breaking tradition and spending it in Fayetteville with MIL to “call those hogs”. This I’m pretty stoked about! I think while we’re up there we’ll do the “Polar Express” train ride, lights of the Ozarks, and all that fun jazz.
Then December will be here. Our elf, Herbie, will causing all kinds of mischief I’m sure, we’ll be doing “all things Christmas” and time will soar by. Santa will make his big announcement of the Disney Cruise and off we’ll go!
The few days in January before we leave will be packed with packing, tons of explaining, role playing, looking at pictures, and just trying to mentally prepare for what is sure to be the most mind blowing vacation of a lifetime!
Oh yeah, and I almost forgot that during all this, I plan on getting in wildly good shape! Laugh if you must. I can dream can’t I?! And I always do better with a specific goal in mind!
Oh wise planners-share some ideas about how to keep this all together, organized, and guaranteed for me to get it all done!


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