Hot Topic Tuesday-Toddler Leash too Taboo?

10/18/2011 03:52:00 PM Posted by mommy2twincesses

To leash or not to leash-that is the question. The answer for my family is a huge TO LEASH when it’s necessary.

As a mommy of twins I feel that I have to do whatever it takes to keep my precious baby girls safe and using a toddler harness is in my “bag of tricks”.
I’ve stated my opinion on this topic before and my stance was the same back then as it is now.
I just don’t get all the negative views of toddler leashing. The dog scenario is just overkill and I stand by my point that if you love a dog enough to leash it why would you NOT a child. But beyond that, I am stumped at this:
It’s perfectly acceptable to literally strap a child to your body completely limiting their ability to explore the world around them, but heaven forbid you instead tether a child to you giving them somewhat free range to experience life for themselves. Bizarre to say the least.
Although I am completely “pro-leash”, I will admit that my personal experience using them with twins has not been exactly pleasant. Actually, to be completely honest, our few go ‘rounds with them have been chaotic and perhaps borderline tragic. Let me explain.
The only times I thought I would ever use the harnesses was when I was completely alone with them out and about. They’ve never been fond of the stroller and have always preferred to walk. Since they started walking around 10 ½ months it feels as if this has been a battle for us since day one.
Anyway, I bought the harnesses with the best of intentions.
However, the couple of times that I have used them out in public, alone with my children I was 99% sure that Child Protection Services would be called on me. I felt like the poster child for “Bad Mom of the Month”. One girl would toddle in one direction, the other in another, and there I was trying my best to blaze a path to my own desired destination. Truly, in my experience it has been nothing but a recipe for disaster!
This pic isn't great but you can see how one in each hand could get ugly fast ;)

Someone would trip and fall, screaming would ensue. Her sister would attempt to make a mad dash away while I was helping up Clumsy and in turn get sling-shotted backwards and we’d all end up in a sweaty thrashing pile of miserableness.
Although I can’t even recall the last time I used my kid leashes, I can tell you exactly where they are in case I ever feel the need to take another swing at them. What do you think? A few of my fellow mommy bloggers are also on the “Leashing” wagon: Enyo @ Motherhood Looms , The Parenting Patch, and more.


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