Homemade Spirit Gloves-Crafty Mom Copy Cat

9/22/2011 11:42:00 AM Posted by mommy2twincesses

I have a little confession to make. If you know me, IRL or perhaps from following my mommy blog on WTE, you already know this so it won't be a big surprise. If not-here goes: I'm a tight wad! I do NOT enjoy spending money and almost refuse to do so if the item I'm purchasing is not on sale or what I consider to be reasonably priced. To add to that, I also refuse to buy something I "think" (quotations signify my assumptions-sometimes I'm right, sometimes I'm wrong) I can make myself.

My tight streak along with my inner toddler (I can do it MYSELF) is what brought me to make the nifty little craft I'm about to share with you.

We were waiting to be seated in a Cracker Barrel restaurant when I spotted the cutest gloves ever mixed in with the Razorback merchandise. They were either $20 or $25 and that is a price I simply refused to pay when I knew without a shadow of a doubt I could make them myself! They were called Spirit Fingerz if you care to look them up yourself, and they come in a variety of colors to compliment whoever it is that you cheer for. Super cute idea and kudos to the original creator, but times are tough and I've got the crafty gene so I just had to make some of my own.

To make Homemade Spirit Gloves all you need is a pair of cheap stretchy gloves (I bought mine at Wal-Mart, $1.50 for two pair), colored yarn, a needle and thread, and a pair of scissors.

I simply cut 10 short pieces of yarn in two colors, for a total of 20 pieces, for each finger. Then I tied the individual bundles in the middle to create the "pom pom" for each finger. Lastly, I stitched one pom on the tip of each finger. And wa-la! You have yourself an absolutely adorable set of spirit gloves! (The next pair I do I will create bigger and slightly shorter bundles for a fuller look.)

I posted a picture of this on my Facebook page and have people offering to pay me to make them some :o)


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    How fun!! Love it.

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