Geek Mom wants to go from Geek to Chic

1/02/2012 07:38:00 PM Posted by mommy2twincesses

In light of the new year and all it represents, this self proclaimed geek mom is aiming to glam it up a little. There's only one little problem..........I'm really feeling lost as to how to go about this :/

Since giving birth to my identical twin girls I have lost back down to my pre-pregnancy weight, but as all of you with kiddos of your own know, it doesn't necessarily look the same. With that said, I am feeling trapped inside my frumpy post baby wardrobe. The majority of my closet contains sweats, tees, and ill fitting jeans. This doesn't fit with the image I'm going for! (But at the same time I don't really know exactly what I want.)

Am I alone here?!

I'm attempting to tone up what I've got so to look and feel better in clothes, but truly struggling with it! I've got a terrible sweet tooth and an almost aversion to anything "healthy"! LOL, well, not everything, but lots of it. It's a texture thing.......*shivers*

But, I have come up with some things that help me feel better about myself despite what I have on and/or until I achieve the body I'm shooting for:

1. paint nails (just my toes, my fingers get messed up too soon to put forth that much effort)
2. whiten teeth (because you're never fully dressed without a smile!)
3. shave (no one may know it but me, but something about being silky smooth just makes me feel sexy)
4. have a fresh hair/brow 'do (a trip to the salon always perks me up)
5. new outfit (although I don't know exactly the style that's best for me yet, I do know that I am refusing to buy anything that doesn't fit me perfectly AND flatter my body when I try it on it the store-no more just thinking it's cute on the hanger, buying it, and then letting it sit with tags still on in the closet because I didn't feel comfortable in it when I got it home)
6. look myself square in the eye and remind myself that God formed every single inch of me and He makes all things beautiful-it's up to me to keep in the shape He intended for me though
7. accept my natural body type-endomorph-and treat it like the blessing it is

In the meantime, I still want to find a "style". I need some suggestions! I have a "style for dummies" board on Pinterest with some things that look doable for me. I want something cute, not to dressed-but not underdressed, washable, covers all the necessary parts, comfortable, and most importantly that is age appropriate (I don't want to look like a college girl, but not an old lady either). HELP!!!!


  1. JDaniel4's Mom said...

    I love number 6. I need to do this today!

  2. mommy2twincesses said...

    But sadly enough I think it's sometimes the absolutely hardest thing to do.....and believe anyway :/

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