Quick Links to Pregnancy Posts

9/13/2011 07:10:00 PM Posted by mommy2twincesses

Being pregnant with twins was one of the most absolutely amazing things that has, and probably will, ever happen to me! No matter where you are in your pregnancy there is post here I’m sure you can relate to. And if I’ve missed something you’re wondering about, PLEASE feel free to ask-I’m an open book and would love to help!
4 Weeks Pregnant with Twins-BFP (starting belly pic-watching it grow is unbelievable!)
17 Weeks Pregnant with Twins-It’s Girls! (ultrasound photo included!)
25 Weeks Pregnant with Twins-Buddah Belly (of course there’s a picture of the Buddha belly!)
35 Weeks Pregnant with Twins-Count me Out! (this one seems to be a favorite and of course there is a picture of my gianormous belly!)


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