Possible Toddler Illness Makes for One Scared Mom

9/14/2011 12:58:00 PM Posted by mommy2twincesses

Toddler illnesses come and go. And luckily for us, we’ve not dealt with but a handful up to this point.
A stomach virus a couple of times, one ear infection, allergies, 5th disease in one of the girls, but seriously, nothing major. But most importantly, nothing that took more than a simple trip to the doctor to figure out. That was until today.
The hubs and I decided last night that I should probably take M in to see the pediatrician this morning. Although she has no definite symptoms we all know something is just not quite right with her. She has no fever, no cough, no turning blue, or sprouting a third eye. Nothing that would scream to an outsider-“Take this kid to a doctor!” But we know something is up.
Since the week of Labor Day she has been a total pill. Whiny, crying over every little thing, moody, slightly aggressive, more tired than usual, and had one major dizzy spell Monday afternoon…….just all around OFF. Her appetite is coming and going, but that doesn’t concern me since I know that is “normal” toddler behavior. I’m just baffled at why my sweet little cuddle bug Claire Bear has recently turned into a grizzly bear.
The doctor did his thing; all the normal check-up stuff and could see nothing out of the ordinary. After listening to me recount these past few weeks he decided to send us over to the hospital for some blood work just to be on the safe side.
My stomach flipped, my heart flopped, and my head started spinning. I wouldn’t be human if this whole thing didn’t scare the bejeebers right out of me, and I clearly am, because I’m sitting here now shaking like a leaf.
We paid our co-pay, M&K collected stickers and a sugar free sucker each from the nurse for being so patient (yeah right-they gave them to us to hurry up and get my screaming banshees out of there!), and we headed off to the hospital. I called the hubs and didn’t get an answer as usual-stupid cell phone service in the boonies, so then I called my mother-in-law, who always comes running to the rescue. Bless her heart!
I made the short drive over to the hospital, checked M in with out-patient services, and sat down to wait. I got the paper work filled out, we all three got “cool” blue bracelets, and then we were back to waiting. Waiting is the worst isn’t it?! They ought to require you to do some kind of brain teaser puzzles or have a stand-up comedian to keep your brain busy when you have to wait for something like that!
A sweet little old lady finally came to escort us back to the lab so off we trudged. M crying on my hip and K following by my side like a little trooper fully equipped wearing her little backpack full of goodies that I hoped would be enough to keep them from making too big a scene (No such luck!).
When we got to the lab it was close quarters and full of boxes, vials, and other scary looking things. Neither of the girls wanted to even step foot in there, much less be left there to wait some more. After what seemed like a long time but was probably no longer than 5 or so minutes, the vampires emerged to suck blood from my first born.
They decided that since she was already a screaming mess it would be wise to lay her down, wrap her in sheet, and jab a needle in her arm that way. Huge help. (Notice my dry sarcasm.)
But, we did just that while K got the grand tour being carted around in a wheel chair and fed a crayon shaped Popsicle.
When all the drama was over and we had made it back to where we could see the light of day and the exit doors, Nana walks in! I give her the run-down of the day and she offers to take the still very shaken M back home with her so K and I could have a few minutes in town to ourselves. Bless her heart!
We won’t know anything about the tests until in the morning, so until then I’m keeping a trash can handy in case my tummy decides to turn inside out.
If you’re the praying kind, please say one for my baby girl (and if you’ve got a second to spare throw my name in there too!)


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