Mommy Blogger Testing New Waters

9/13/2011 06:27:00 PM Posted by mommy2twincesses

Hey guys! Yes, it's still me, just in a new place. This mommy blogger is ready to spread her wings, stretch her legs, and test new waters.

My original mommy blog is on the What to Expect website and is still there, but for now, I’m going to give posting on my own two feet a try.

If you are interested in my twin pregnancy, dealing with infant twins, and anything in between then and now, 2 ½ years young, check that out at the link above (and/or upcoming posts with quick links to specific information that seems to be hot topics). This fresh start is going to deal more with our everyday lives. All the laughs, chaos, drama, and tears. And trust me, there is plenty of all that and so much more every single day!

Thanks so much for checking out my new space! I hope you’ll stop by often, leave me comments, and share it with a friend (or fifteen) who might find it useful (or just plain entertaining).

Parenting in my world “takes a village” and I would LOVE for YOU to be part of our village :o)

Our little happy family


  1. Nicole said...

    ADORABLE picture of you guys! I'll put your blog on the blogroll of my family blog. (If you want to swing by, send me your email address so I can give you an invitation. Ours is private.)

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