Playing Ketchup-My Specialty

4/30/2012 03:00:00 PM Posted by mommy2twincesses

I’m not sure how I do it, but I’m always playing “ketchup”. Actually, I mean “catch up”, but here in the south it sounds more like “ketchup” and any time I say it I envision a bottle of Heinz. Random bit of the day ;)
Anyway, I’m looking for ways to stop falling behind on the blog front. Any ideas? For you other bloggers out there, do you post daily, every other, or what?! This newbie needs help :o)
I always have the best intentions and have made myself countless “daily schedules” that I never seem to stick to for more than a couple of days at a time. Am I alone in my inability to keep up? Is this a normal part of this season of life known as mommyhood? Anybody have any good ideas to keep on track?
Well, on the “Becoming a Butterfly” front, I do have a couple of new things to share!
First, that my fitness goals are 3 pounds closer to becoming a reality.
Secondly, that I’ve given my breakfast nook and kitchen a breath of fresh air with a good old fashioned spring cleaning, rearranging, and a few new pieces of furniture. Our barstools were falling apart, there was random kid kabbauble on the walls and I needed to find a solution for the pile of mail that always seemed to accumulate on the table. I replaced the barstools, added a Bombe chest with a drawer for the mail, and strung a little wire display up for my babies’ masterpieces. Another room, well 2 technically, checked off the list.
And lastly, I was accepted to a new blogging program for called “Word of Mom”, so I’m counting that as a step forward in the writing department. I don’t have an article up yet, but I have two in review!
On the monkey front, things are as exciting as ever. Three year olds apparently never close their mouths, are fearless (except when it comes to characters in large suits), and completely hilarious!
We’ve been busy riding our bikes all over town, perfecting trapeze moves on the monkey bar out back, and cracking up daily over silly things said.
The latest in funny monk happenings:
M comes in asking about a “strange noise” that she heard. I tell her I heard no strange noise. K walks in with an “up to something” smirk on her face, toots loudly, says, “Well I made THAT strange noise!”, and continues to traipse out of the room!
Never a dull moment, I tell ya!


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