Becoming a Butterfly-By Age 30

4/18/2012 03:58:00 PM Posted by mommy2twincesses

As I’ve begun this Proverbs 31 Woman journey I have felt constant nagging in my heart to set an “end” date. Okay, not necessarily and END, but a point to shoot for having the majority of tasks accomplished. With a milestone birthday looming over my head I figure that is as good a place as any to set my goal.
Drum roll please! By my 30th birthday I plan to have the vast majority of this Proverbs 31 Woman figured out and set in place in my life. After all, 30 feels so “grown up” and I still feel so “not”. I’m pretty sure 30 years is plenty enough time to figure out who you are in life and just to have your “stuff” together. Well, as I’ve been taking inventory it turns out I don’t have it together and I WANT to by 30! I know that’s pushing it time wise, but I’m determined and my mama has always said how hard headed I am. Perhaps I’ll put my stubbornness to work and get things lined up!
Let’s see, it’s just about 4 months until my birthday. That doesn’t sound like long, especially since Sara Horn gave herself an entire year. *shakes head* No! I’m not going to let something as silly as fear of failure stop me from trying! I WILL be “together” by the big 3-0!
In a previous post I mentioned that a friend contacted me and that her message was a “starting” point for me. I seriously can’t thank her enough, because although we’ve only met for lunch since then, as well as text, I have felt a million times better about, well, everything! Just knowing that she is there, on my side, and willing to help push, change, and just support me means the world! For real lady, I love you! (And I’m looking forward to our play date later!)
That little nudge was exactly what I needed to get my ball rolling!
With the girls at “school” today I had a chance to just enjoy some peace and quiet. I broke out my bible, my “Reflecting His Glory” study book, a notepad and pen, and set to work. Through prayer, reading, and journaling I found so much confidence in the days to come!
I’m a big time multi-tasker, so please, try to bear with me here as I find it almost impossible to do just one thing at a time. Here’s how I’m tackling the task at hand as of today:
1.    To begin to better “reflect his glory”, I am continuing the study by Andrea Lenon. I will use this time to read my bible and pray. I aim to do this first thing in the morning as this seems to be the calmest time at our house as everyone is just waking up, and I think there is basically no better way to start the day than with some guidance from the Man ;)
2.    To start being “the best wife ever” I’m reading “The Love Dare”. It’s only one very short section per day, for forty days, so this isn’t all that time consuming but it has already brought a spark back to our eyes!
3.    Being the best mom ever is a tough cookie to crack because this is seriously a day by day task. I have found though that the basic concepts from “The Love Dare” are pretty easily applied to children too, so I’ve kind of been using that as my guide.
4.    The home issue is really taking off and I think it will be a HUGE burden lifted when it is finally complete! In the notebook I carry around with me I’ve listed each and every room in the house and what I hope to accomplish in there. Whether it be cleaning, organization, decoration, or whatever, just having my goals down in writing make it seem so doable! I plan on going room by room until my entire house is “done”. Day before yesterday I tackled the laundry room and finished it. DH (darling husband) could hardly believe his eyes!
5.    And the whole getting back in shape thing?! Well, I’ve decided that by my birthday I want to be able to wear a sleeveless shirt without fear (or jiggles). I ran today and did a few weight reps. My goal is to be active at least 30 minutes a day, every single day.
6.    And though I had forgotten about submitting my article, my writing career got a tiny jolt yesterday as I received an email stating that it was ready for viewing in the Spring Edition of Multiplicity Magazine! Baby steps………slow and steady win the race………..
There you have it! That’s where I stand as of now. I did a lot of rambling and I apologize, I’m just so excited! If you have any tips or suggestions to help reach goals like these or if you are on a journey of your own, share it with me! Let’s cheer each other on!


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