Friday Freeze Frame-I'm One Lucky Duck

5/04/2012 11:20:00 AM Posted by mommy2twincesses

Friday Freeze Frame is a new idea of mine to share photos with you, my readers! I snap pictures all week long and realized that I rarely share them here, so it's about time that I start :o)

Today's photographs were our Easter pictures taken by Soul Reflections Photography. (I just picked them up yesterday!)

Theses smiles light my world! They had such a good time with the baby ducks and I hope to always remember how excited they were this day <3

I just loved this black and white shot! K seems to be looking at her "big sister" like, "lead me", while M is gazing at the ducky just soaking up the moment. What a lesson that is! To just enjoy a moment......

And finally, this one says it all! Those sweet girls sharing their sweet kisses with those sweet duckies. *melts*


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