Kid Friendly Thanksgiving Snacks-Turkey Lurkey

11/06/2012 02:33:00 PM Posted by mommy2twincesses

This past weekend at their grandmother’s house, my turkeys enjoyed making turkey snacks all by themselves! They dubbed them “Turkey Lurkeys”, and for lack of something better to call them-it stuck!

Gather up your kiddos and a few ingredients likely to already be gracing your pantry and get ready to gobble ‘til you wobble!

You’ll need:

Round crackers
Chocolate frosting
Candy corns
Hershey’s Kisses
Caramel cubes

Start by giving each child one cracker, one Kiss, four candy corns, and one caramel.  Demonstrate for them how to lightly dip each piece into the chocolate frosting and place on the cracker to form a Turkey Lurkey! 

That’s it! Simple, edible, Thanksgiving inspired fun for all!

Here’s a finished Turkey Lurkey!

Just a word of warning……if your kids are like mine, beware of eating Turkey Lurkeys they’ve made! My girls licked each and every piece, sometimes multiple times, before settling for sticking it to the cracker to make the turkey ;) Not exactly guest friendly, LOL!


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