Perspective-Gained the Hard Way

10/20/2012 06:16:00 PM Posted by mommy2twincesses

Wednesday morning was the worst I can recall in history, since waking up at 14 years old to find that my father had passed away during the night. Sounds dramatic right?! It was…….for a while, but thankfully, I’ve gained a new perspective-a reality check of sorts.

Before I’d even had time to fix breakfast, K comes rushing up to me with a handful of hair, eyes wide with fear and tears, and voice shaky and on the verge of a major melt down. “M’s cut her hair off!” she wailed, “Come see!”

I sprang up and followed her into the playroom where I was utterly stunned by what filled my eyes. There were piles upon piles of hair………..this was one of several.

My knees went weak and I think I may have blacked out, because I don’t recall exactly what I said or did immediately.

By the time I had at least some of my wits about me, I gathered a Ziplock baggie full of hair and realized that all 3 of us were crying-hysterically. (Among many other irrational fears and aversions of mine, bad haircuts rank REALLY close to number one-I blame it on scarring as a child!)

When I found the guilty party, she was hiding and bawling her little eyes out. I don’t think I was much help as I nearly hyperventilated over the sight of her self-inflicted mullet :o(
I called DH, but he couldn’t understand what was going on between the sobs, so MIL was promptly called and came to the rescue.

She kept K, while I rushed M to the beauty shop! 

As my friend tried the best she could to salvage what hair was left, M sat, much calmer than before, but with her lip poked WAY out in disgust. When questioned about her frustrations, she said, “Well, my hair didn’t even turn pink! Or at LEAST blonde!” 

I was puzzled, but too curious not to push further. I tried explaining, “Well honey, our hair doesn’t change color just because we cut it.”

“But Rapunzel’s does!” was her very serious reply. 

*head slap* On the ride home we had a long discussion about real and fantasy (which I honestly thought we had down by now), and with a broken hearted mama and sissy, the world turned on.

M was quite proud of herself, while K and I were pitifully stunned and not pleased. (Not one of my proudest parenting moments to say the least.)

2 other major family dramas occurred over Wednesday and Thursday, so by the time it was Friday, I could hardly wait to get out the door to attend the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure!
Friday morning my “team mates” bailed on me. (Losers! LOL, I kid) That was pretty much the straw that broke this camel’s back.

DH and MIL insisted I go anyway, just to unwind and try to put myself back together. It was a heavenly appointment, of that I’m now sure!

I cried most of the 2 ½ hour drive, over just everything that was seemingly going wrong. Sometimes, a long cry is just soul cleansing for me. *shrugs* I don’t cry often, so when I DO, I usually go overboard!

After my night alone in a posh hotel, complete with room service, and a way too long steamy hot shower, I finally felt some peace.

Then, this morning, I woke up before my alarm and got myself ready for the race.

Almost as suddenly as the cool morning air hit my face, so did the conviction and the voice of the Lord reminding me to not sweat the small stuff.

Everywhere I looked, for as far as I could see-literally-were women gathering together, rallying around, in honor of, and in memory of loved ones, friends, and family that were and/or are battling breast cancer! There were women, of all ages, proudly displaying their BALD heads, and I felt like pond scum.

Here I was, crying like a crazy person over an untimely hair CUT, and they were fighting for their lives and not even phased by the beautiful baldness! *hangs head*

Perspective. Loud and clear!

Jogging those 3 miles were better than good church to me! I fought tears, and lost to a few, during my run, but my soul was revived. My eyes were opened. And I am thankful!

Kids will be kids! Things will happen, and just because they don’t “go our way” or “fit our schedule” doesn’t mean it’s the end of our world. That’s the perfect time to look around and instead of focusing on what’s going wrong-we should look around to see what’s going right!
My family is healthy and happy and I’m regretful for spending so much time stressing about the “little stuff”! After all, is this NOT precious?!

Although I’m honestly still mourning the hair cut deep down, this has taught me a valuable lesson!

What lesson(s) have your little ones taught you lately?


  1. Courtney said...

    Her new cut is actually really, very cute! Everyone will tell them apart easier. I wonder if her sister will want short hair now too.

  2. mommy2twincesses said...

    Thanks Courtney! Sissy definitely does NOT want short hair! LOL, she keeps getting in trouble for calling M a boy :o( And M almost broke my heart in two when she told me she woke up sad "because her hair didn't grow" I guess she thought it would grow back immediately....

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