Letters to Santa 2012

11/11/2012 03:44:00 PM Posted by mommy2twincesses

I can’t believe it’s finally here! Time to write letters to Santa! SQUEEEEEE!!!!!!!! 

Yes, those are MY thoughts, not those of my 3 year olds :oP

We normally wouldn’t do them so early, but our local Post Office is preparing their annual display and asked if we would participate, so we did them. Tonight!

It actually works out perfectly because we’re going to take pictures with Santa on Tuesday, so they’ll be able to take him a copy of their letter! SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I found several adorable Santa letter templates on Pinterest, you can find them on my board HERE!

For those who may not know, we do Christmas a little differently than most families. At our house, Santa only brings ONE gift for each child. After all, he’s only got ONE sled and has to deliver gifts ALL over the world to EVERY single boy and girl on the planet. That’s quite a tall order and we’re not going to complicate things even more for him by asking for an entire list of gifts. It defeats the whole purpose of Christmas, in my personal opinion. (And keeps mom and dad out of the poor house, LOL)

Then, as parents, we give them 3 gifts each, from us. The reasoning behind this being the Bible mentions that Jesus received 3 gifts (gold, frankincense, and myrrh) the night of his birth, and if 3 gifts are enough for the King of Kings, it’s enough for us! Again, this helps us keep our focus on the REAL reason we celebrate Christmas-Christ’s birth-instead of making it all about the presents.

We do the “12 Days of Christmas” with small, trinkets in their stocking as a countdown to Christmas, and then on the morning of, we’ll have a small birthday party for Jesus and enjoy opening gifts!

I wrote their letters, word for word, what they told me they wanted them to say, and then they signed them all by themselves! *tear* I bet by next year, they’ll be writing the whole thing, just needing help with spelling.

M is asking Santa for “a baby doll with a spoon and yogurt” and K wants “a Jasmine costume and shoes”. That’s easy enough! But what they don’t know is what’s killing me! “Santa” will bring those things, but he’s got an EXTRA SPECIAL gift for the entire family this year……….check it out here!


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