One Dish Italian Chicken, Green Bean, and Potato Supper

9/16/2012 10:30:00 AM Posted by mommy2twincesses

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere but instead of sipping Mai Tais in my lounge chair I’m running around like a crazy person trying to figure out what I’m going to feed my starving brood for supper. Not. Cool.
I have confidence you’ve been there. We all have. I just seem to find myself there more than I would like-at least once a week here lately!
Well, I’m clueless as to what I did in moments like these before Pinterest, but now, I simply pull up my “Main Munchies” board try something new. So far, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the results!
When you find yourself pressed for time, nothing beats a one dish meal-that’s why I’m sharing what I call “One Dish Italian Chicken, Green Bean, and Potato Supper”!
Ingredients you’ll need:
·         4-6 raw chicken breasts (if you don’t have any raw, quickly defrost them in the microwave-no biggie!)
·         1-2 cans of your favorite green beans (I had whole ones, so that’s what I used)
·         Whatever raw potatoes you have handy (I had russets)-sliced, cubed, whatever suits your fancy
·         ½ stick of butter (the original called for a whole stick, but we’re always “dieting” and though an entire stick of butter makes me salivate, it also riddles me with extra guilt and Lord knows I don’t need any extra of that)
·         1 packet of dry Italian dressing mix
Arrange the chicken, green beans, and potatoes in a 9x13 baking dish, top with the butter and dressing mix, cover with foil, and bake at 350 for about an hour. Wah-lah! Dinner is done! How easy was that?! IKR?!
Here’s what mine looked like before it went in the oven.

I’d show you how it looked done, but we were all hovering around the oven like rabid wolves and it was gone before an “after” picture even crossed my mind. Yes, it was THAT kind of evening ;)
Enjoy and then share it with your busy friends!


  1. Jennifer Yager said...

    Tried this last night but used regular Italian dressing and it turned out amazing! Thank you for the dinner recipe. My family devoured it!

  2. April Trusley said...

    Could you use a different vegetable other then green beans like asparagus?

  3. ItsMoiRach said...

    I'm guessing you melt the butter with the italian dressing mix and then pour over the dish?

  4. tiffany gallehugh said...

    I think this would be great or even healthier with fresh green beans or frozen. Can is bad.

  5. Angelina Ursini said...

    Just made this tonight and it was amazing. I used broccoli and carrots instead of beans. This was the first meal I served where there was more meat than vegetables left. Brilliant! Would love to see more one pan dishes.

  6. Judy Cooper said...

    This is one of our favorite meals. I've got it in the oven right now! I also use 1/2 stick of butter. It's plenty. I use frozen veggies instead of canned. No need to thaw, just dump them in. I bake for 50 minutes & for the last 10, I uncover the chicken & potatoes & set the oven to broil. It browns them up real nice, while protecting the veggies. YUMMY!!!!

  7. Casey Lotz said...

    I love this. I used extra virgin olive oil instead of butter. Family favorite

  8. Pippi21 said...

    Mommy2twincessess...How did you know I had bought 3 nice thick, boneless chicken breast this morning? Can you clarify if you melt the butter and mix it with the dry pkg. of Italian dressing mix or cut the stick of butter in small cubes and arrange it all over all the meat, and veggies, and then sprinkle the dry dressing mix over that? I wanted to make chicken caccitore but I don't think chicken breast is what you use for that. Hadn't made it in long time and it seems I always used wings, thighs, and legs for that plus onions, bell pepper and tomato sauce? Have a good recipe for chicken caccitore that is simple and uses less than 6 ingredients? It's been a long time since I made that dish..there's only us two and we're not big eaters. We like comfort food..nothing fancy.

  9. Angelea Storey said...

    Chuckle chuckle! So I don't have twins but oh my goodness you are singing my song. That oh poop moment when you realize its 5:00 and you haven't started dinner yet. Oh I have sooo been there. Busy moms unite! I will defiantly try this.

  10. Amanda Bayer said...

    What do you think about making this with Ranch seasoning instead of the Italian seasoning?

  11. Krystal Minton said...

    Love this recipe, I make it all the time and the whole family loves it! Actually making it tonight, so quick, easy, and delicious! Check out my blog at

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