A Snapshot of 3 ½- My Girls are Growing Up

9/20/2012 02:52:00 PM Posted by mommy2twincesses

I know as parents we all have these, “AWWWWWWW………I wish I could just freeze time” moments, and right now-at 3 ½, that’s exactly how I feel most days.
I never would’ve dreamed that in just 3 short years, my once tiny girls would be, well, so “grown up”!
To put in perspective of what I mean by “grown up” picture 42 inches and 36 pounds of pure sassiness! Yes, my 3 year olds are wearing size 5 in clothing and a 10 in shoes! According to some information I found on Babycenter.com, the average height for a 3 ½ year old girl is only about 38 inches. I’m guessing they’ll be tall like their daddy (who is 6’2”)-which is a fantastic thing in my book!
Anyway, seeing the “average” size makes a lot of sense to me since I hear almost daily that people can’t believe the girls are only 3 ½. For example, we went to the fair last night and I had several people astounded by the fact that they’re only 3 years old because they are so tall, well spoken, and independent. One couple actually said they would’ve guessed they were at least 5.
Some of their favorite phrases of the moment are: “I need my privacy”, “so and so isn’t paying attention”, “if you’d just realize/recognize”, “I don’t really care for _____”, “________is really freaking me out/cracking me up”…………the list could go on, but my point is that they speak like little adults and it’s pretty hilarious!
They rode tons of rides at the fair and only allowed me to help them get into and buckle up on the first one. They noticed that the older kids were doing it themselves, so when I tried to come in the gate behind them the second time I was met with a “no mom, we’re big, we can do this ourselves!” As proud as it makes me on one hand, the other is almost soul crushing! My babies are supposed to still need me right?!

I mean, they dress themselves, they can climb into their car seats and buckle themselves, they wash themselves in the shower (and dry off and get dressed), they’re writing letters and drawing real pictures………IDK, I just didn’t think this would all happen so quickly!

3 ½ is fabulous and full of attitude, but wonderful! I’m elated and saddened all at the same time at the rapid pace I’m losing my babies :/


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