Everything Else We Loved About Our Disney Cruise

1/16/2013 06:47:00 PM Posted by mommy2twincesses

So basically, we loved ALMOST everything about our Disney cruise, but so far I’ve just told you about the pools, slides, room, and food. Now it’s time to tell you about the REALLY amazing thing about the trip……..the crew. As anyone knows, an experience can be made or totally ruined by staff, and I can honestly do nothing but sing the praises of the crew of the Disney Dream and Castaway Cay!

From the moment we stepped onto the ship, welcomed full blown red carpet style, with our family name announced and a hearty round of applause and smiles that said, “we’re truly glad you’re here”, I knew immediately that we were going to have our socks knocked off-and boy did we!

There were members of the Disney team everywhere we looked and they were more than happy to meet our every whim!

Our very first stop was in the bathroom beside the pools, and there was an attendant inside offering hand sanitizing wipes as well as sanitizing the knobs and faucets and keeping the floor dry (they were also on top of keeping the decks around the pools dry!). 

The cleanliness was OFF the charts-I’m talking we witnessed a stain being spot removed from the carpet on the sly! Not to mention the sanitizing that occurred each and every time you entered a restaurant. They also kept a close watch on the pools, as diapers are only allowed in Nemo’s Reef splash pad for sanitary reasons. Health is very important to us, and it was clear that it was also a top priority of Disney.

Besides being all over the clean and tidy wagon, they were also on the extremely kind and helpful one!

Our stateroom host, Pong, was completely superior! He was right on the money and almost seemed to anticipate our needs. From fresh ice water ‘round the clock, to magically appearing bunk beds for the girls, turn down service for the “big kids”, “Sleepy” chocolates and Daily Navigators, and of course, ridiculously cute towel animals, Pong ROCKED! 

Then, we had our Main and Assistant servers each night for dinner-yes, they follow you through the dining rooms for more personalized service-Charlie and Ivonne. They were great! Ivonne was new but she tried her best and was very friendly. Charlie was on top of his game, accommodated any request we made, and even did a few card tricks ;)

I absolutely cannot fail to mention the staff of the Oceaneer’s Club and Lab! Out of this world! Seriously, our children CRIED to stay with them! I felt very safe leaving the girls in the club as they strictly monitor who goes in and out, parents must have their Key to the World card, know a secret password, and then the children must tap their Mickey bands (electronic armbands equipped with GPS to locate the children at all times) to enter and exit. They had exciting, fun, and often educational activities to do with the children and there isn’t a grade high enough to rate this program! 8 thumbs up from us <3

Among the crew, you also had cast members of course. They were definitely the girls’ favorite people on board the Dream! From bringing the beloved Disney characters to life through meet and greets and stage/dance parties, to performing Broadway style in the Walt Disney Theatre, the cast members were everything you’d dream they’d be and helped us make memories that will last a lifetime! There are a few DEFINITE don’t misses and they include: The Golden Mickeys, Villians Tonight (which got mixed reviews but we really enjoyed, even the girls), Disney’s Believe (my personal favorite), and the character dance party (the girls’ favorite by far).

The staff members that are probably most overlooked are the 35 guys living on Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay. These workers live there full time to keep it immaculate and pristine. Our day on this island was our favorite by far and when we get a chance to go back, I’ll make sure to get out there as early as possible (okay, this time I was one of the first off the ship to run in the Castaway Cay 5K, but I mean for leisure) and will be among some of the last stragglers boarding that evening. We LOVED LOVED LOVED Castaway Cay!

The staff was there in every way we could’ve asked and for all they did, I’m extremely grateful!
To show our appreciation for all they did I brought along personalized thank you cards attached to treats for the guest services team (who are responsible for having our items personalized by the characters as well as take care of reservations or just anything else you need), the same for the crew of the Oceaneer’s Club and Lab, and single treats with a cash surprise inside for everyone in between-room service and such. Everyone was grateful for our showing of appreciation and were even more willing to do whatever they could to make our trip everything we’d hoped it would be.


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