Disney Cruise Countdown Details

12/29/2012 08:33:00 PM Posted by mommy2twincesses

In a previous post, “Unique Countdown to Disney” I gave a brief overview of how I planned on spending out time from Christmas morning until the day we actually leave-11 days altogether. I’ve got the ball rolling and thought I’d share more details in case any of you want to have your own countdown someday :o)

Using a Mickey head cookie cutter, I traced and cut out colorful Mickey heads from scrapbook paper. I glued the heads to the front of regular white envelopes and wrote the countdown day number in the corner. I then strung them together with yarn and stuffed strips of paper inside that told the countdown fun to be had that day.

Here is picture:

The strips read as follows: (oh, but forget to mention where I got the cool Disney-like font, I found it free here http://www.dafont.com/walt-disney.font )
11.) 11 days until we leave, let’s pass the time by decorating the tree!
10.) Only 10 more days ‘til our trip so sweet, today we’ll bake some tasty treats!
9.) Just 9 days before we go, you can use these in the water hole!
8.) We won’t see our bunch for quite a while, let’s make some cards to make them smile!
7.) In just 7 days we’ll say “See Ya Real Soon”, let’s deliver our cards to family, like Mamaw June!
6.) 6 days until we’re out of this place, come help mommy pack our suitcase!
5.) In 5 short days we’ll jump on a plane-let’s learn all about it with reading and games!
4.) As we meet Mickey and other characters there, we’ll ask them politely to please sign these bears!
3.) Ahoy! There me mateys, 3 days ‘til we sail, we’ll party like pirates to wish Castaway Cay farewell!
2.) 2 days, oh my goodness! How ever will we sleep?! Be sure to answer when this rings and don’t make a peep!
1.) Today’s the day! It’s finally here! And look, Tink’s left you all this awesome Disney gear!


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