Disney Cruise Door Décor

9/27/2012 08:11:00 AM Posted by mommy2twincesses

While researching our upcoming Disney Cruise, I’ve found several interesting ideas I’d have otherwise been clueless about. One of these things is door decorating.
The doors to staterooms are metal, and apparently it’s a “thing” of seasoned cruisers to decorate their doors (Disney requires ALL door decorations to be magnetic ONLY). Supposedly it’s used as a way to show “family spirit”, Disney loyalty, and to just make it easier to spot your room. I’ve only been on one cruise, and I know that I decided to decorate our door to make it easier to find. Our 3 year olds know numbers 0-10 only and I don’t think they’d have much a chance of memorizing our 4 digit room number, but I have no doubt they’ll recognize our personalized door decorations!
I searched around and found several Etsy sites with personalized magnets for sale, but I’m cheap and just couldn’t see spending $10 and up for Mickey/Minnie magnets that I could easily make myself-because I’m just a do-it-yourselfer :o) Also, I read that the generic magnets that do not include a family name are often stolen-bummer!
So, because I am the dork that I am, I set out to make my own-personalized magnets!
First of all, I found the mother-load of FREE Disney images on the Disboards! There are amazing people there that will even edit/personalize images for you for FREE, but please realize that they are completely swamped with requests, so give them plenty of time!
Because I’m impatient and again, wanted to do-it-myself, I simply clicked on the light blue Mickey head in the first poster’s signature and spent WAY too much time browsing through her 4Shared files!
I saved the images I wanted to use and edited them using Picmonkey.com!
Once I got the images to look the way I wanted, I saved them to my computer, printed them off onto photo paper, and attached them to store bought magnetic sheets! Ta-da!
Here’s the one announcing our 9 year anniversary that we’ll be celebrating while on the cruise! Not too bad huh?!
If you know anyone else who may like to make magnets of their own, please share this post! And while you’re at it, share your creations with me-I’d love to see them :o)

P.S.-The images could be used to make ALL sorts of items, not just magnets! You could print off designs onto iron-on transfer paper for t-shirts and what not too!


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