Mama Said-Part 2

8/31/2012 07:22:00 PM Posted by mommy2twincesses

As I stated in the original “Mama Said” post, Proverbs has me thinking and appreciating the teachings of my parents. I journaled a pretty extensive list so to keep my hands from going numb, and you from falling asleep, I decided to break up these posts to help us all :o) You’re welcome! LOL
Proverbs 6:20 “My son, keep your father’s commands and do not forsake your mother’s teaching.”
Honestly, my mama did more teaching than daddy-his wonderful words of wisdom sometimes included the words “dingle berries”, so I think it’s best to stick to her guidance! Here are a few more of the things that my mama said:
·         Family and friends are everything; wealth is measured in love, not in dollars. Our home was a constant hub of activity. If we weren’t gathering the family for cook-outs, I had friends over to play and spend the night. I had about as many “family members” that were of no blood relation to us at all as I had real ones, and my mom was one of seven and my dad one of six-so there were a BUNCH of us! Josh Turner has a song out now that reminds me vividly of my childhood-“Time is Love”. I have vague memories of my favorite “things”, but extremely vivid ones of my favorite TIMES and PEOPLE <3
·         Give freely, even to strangers. We weren’t overflowing with monetary wealth and our home was no showplace, but I can’t count the times that we picked up hitchhikers, “loaned” (with full knowledge that it was never coming back) money, and opened our doors to those in need. This one was actually my dad’s specialty! I remember one instance when dad came home with an ENTIRE family in tow. I’m talking about a mother, grandmother, and at least 3 children whose vehicle had broken down during a road trip and they had no money, nowhere to go, and knew no one. They spent the entire weekend with us until their vehicle had been serviced or their family from out of state came to get them-I honestly can’t remember which. I recall negative talk around town for a while after that incident because they were a different race than us and in the deep-south where we’re from, let’s just say that was frowned upon. But, in our home-people were people no matter what color they were, and if we had it to give, we did.
·         Humor is the best medicine. Again, this was my dad’s forte! He was a straight up clown and kept me and my friends laughing all the time. From his silly made-up nicknames for people (and he had one for almost EVERYONE), to his silly dances and antics. Mom was no slacker in this department either though and she was blessed with a laugh that is insanely contagious! She’s a “snorter” so just imagine getting her tickled in a room full of people; doesn’t take long until everyone is in stitches :o)
·         Holidays and special occasions are worth celebrating-and in big ways! We weren’t put here to be somber; I truly believe that God wants us to be excited about our days and to enjoy our time here. The happier we are, the brighter our light shines! My mom went all out to make even the silliest holidays fun, exciting, and something to look forward to. From decorations and themed food, to small trinket type surprises, she put a love of life in my heart from her excitement to celebrate every time we had the chance! In all honestly, this is the sole thing that I have definitely carried on with my girls in full confidence! Party planner should be my middle name, as it brings me such joy to make others feel special and get them excited!
Whether we are conscience of it or not, we teach our children lessons every single day. Take some time to think about your normal routine, actions, and attitudes. Are you pleased with what you’re passing along? Would you like to see your children follow in the footsteps of your heart?


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