To Expectant Dads of Daughters

8/30/2012 07:48:00 AM Posted by mommy2twincesses

Let me begin with a huge “congratulations!” Yes, a little bundle of pink may not have been what your pre-daddy dreams were made of, but let me assure you that every dream you have from now on WILL revolve around the perfect angel that’s being delivered to you soon.
How could I, as a mother, possibly know this? Funny you should ask. But, believe it or not, I once rooted for “Team Blue” too. My husband farms, loves sports, and hunting, and I thought a boy would be just what we needed.
I saw him silently wishing for a little boy to throw a ball with, take fishing, teach all about farming, and all those other “guy things”. His longing became my longing, and we went to incredibly stupid lengths to try to increase our odds of having a boy. All I can say is thank God for unanswered prayers!
We were blessed with not just one baby girl, but two-yes, at the same time, and I am here to tell you that there is absolutely nothing more special in the entire world than holding your brand new, pink cheeked, pouty lipped baby girl.
Trust me on this one boys-I’ve seen it first-hand.
That super hero cape you’ve always imagined having? You actually have it now; in her eyes anyway. You will be her first love, her constant protector, and quite frankly-her dream guy! She is and will forever more be the perfect girl for you-your damsel in distress, your very own princess, your wild-thing, but most importantly of all-the new holder of your heart.
And as if all of that isn’t enough, let me fill you in on one more little secret………she can and will love to do all of those things you dreamed of doing with a son. Yep, she’ll love the mud, learning to fix things, wrestling, shouting at the TV cheering on your favorite team-absolutely anything you choose to do with her-because you’re HER guy!
She’ll reveal secrets about the female species that you’ve always wondered about, giving you a whole new perspective on the world. You’ll discover gross things like, girls really do fart, burp, pick their noses, and all the other gross things you guys do on a regular basis. (But hopefully her mama will teach her to hide it well ;)
Get ready to have your world turned upside-down, but in the best way imaginable. From the moment your eyes meet upon her birth, you are no longer your own-you’ll belong to her, and will be happy to do so.
She will probably paint your finger nails at some point, fix your hair, and even cover you in make-up, and while that may sound repulsive right now-it won’t for long. You’ll find yourself doing all sorts of things you never dreamed you were capable of, all just to see a smile on her face or even better-a giggle erupt from her gorgeous little mouth.
Yes, congratulations to you Mr.! You’ve suddenly been catapulted to new heights. Among your long list of current titles you can now officially add: Super Hero, Prince Charming, and a proud member of the Daddies with Daughters Club.
Enjoy her! Soak up every moment, every smile, every gaze, every giggle-because far more soon than you’ll like, she’ll grow up and a new and much younger model will swoop in to steal your Cinderella.
If you’re a daddy of a daughter, leave your thoughts! How has she changed your world for the better?


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