A Mommy Blogger’s New Beginnings

6/05/2012 10:19:00 AM Posted by mommy2twincesses

Well folks, looks like I’m here to stay. Just here I mean, on BlogSpot. The Featured Blogger program on the What to Expect site is no more, so now I’m all yours! Lucky you! LOL, in all seriousness, what I’m hoping it means is that I’ll actually be able to keep up to date and write about our lives, the fun things we do, the cool places we go, and just whatever in the heck I feel like-with no guidelines! Yippee! But no pay check-boo hoo :o(
They did start a new blogger program called Word of Mom and I have been accepted into there but I can already tell that is not where my heart is anymore. So again, lucky you! Bahahaha
My old blog, Twins! A Mother’s Joy and Insanity Doubled, will still technically be there, I just won’t be doing much with it anymore since they’ve moved to the new platform. I’m sure since I’ve poured the past couple of years into that blog I’ll be linking to it from time to time, but my chains have fallen away. I’m as free as a bird, and scared as a mouse. And here I am going for the "free" look:

I need to start off with an apology for not keeping up with my personal blog the way I should to develop a loyal base of readers. My priorities weren’t exactly where they should have been and my low numbers tell the tale best. Forgive me!
I starteth anew. Bear with me as I tread new waters, try new things, and just blog on the fly! If you read something you like, please, share it with a friend (or 500) *wink wink*
So what new things do you have going on?


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