Father’s Day Memories Make the Best Gifts

6/17/2012 02:40:00 PM Posted by mommy2twincesses

Father’s Day is a bitter sweet day for me. Bitter because I miss my dad every single day, but sweet because I see so much of him in my own husband, the father of our identical twin girls.
This morning I watched the twins and DH roll around and wrestle in the floor and was momentarily transported back to days that my dad and I did the same thing. He always had a great sense of humor and though I didn’t always find him funny then, I can’t help but smile remembering his antics now.
We started the day with loads of morning cuddles, I mean, what else could you do sticking 4 people in a queen size bed?! While daddy went out to check the water on the crops we began working on breakfast for him. The girls insisted on all of us wearing aprons *eye roll* while we cooked. They helped, long enough to drop the first ingredients into the mixing bowl! LOL
I was lucky enough to marry a man that would eat pretty much anything that won’t bite him back and he was sweet enough to not even comment on my pitifully flat homemade biscuits. M cut me no slack as she pouted that she wanted “real biscuits, not pancakes”. Oops! Apparently there is a BIG difference between all purpose and self-rising flour :/
He loved his gifts though! I got something right-score one for mommy. The girls told him about his new boating shoes a couple of weeks ago and I didn’t want to not have him anything on the actual day, so I picked up a toiletry caddy for traveling and packed it full of essentials. He was happy with this and I have no doubt it will come in handy as he always forgets something when we travel.
We went to church and while there the girls made him precious handprint cards with cute little questionnaires inside. These will definitely be put away and saved forever! They also learned this little song:
(Sing to the tune of Bingo)

I love him and he loves me
And daddy is his name-o


And daddy is him name-o!

Beyond the gifts, cards, and songs, it is the memories that made today special; both those made today and also those evoked.
What are your favorite Father’s Day memories?


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