What Carol Burnett and I Have in Common-3FT

12/01/2011 06:46:00 PM Posted by mommy2twincesses

Three things I do on December 1st (traditionally or just for today): Hmmm......am I a wierdo? I have no “December 1st” traditions. Instead today was rather ho-hum. We only left the house to have lunch with DH at a new little cafe a few towns away. The highlight of that was that he won the girls THREE stuffed animals out of one of those quarter toy machines with ONE quarter! LMBO, our exciting life :oP Then he won two more! Yes, we left there with 5 new toys in tow *eye roll*

Three “blessings” I’m grateful I do NOT have: 1. More children.  2. A call to scary ministry like leaving the country or something. 3. I’m drawing a blank now. I had the thought to go cheat off someone else’s paper, like maybe Hanging by a Silver Lining’s (she creates these nifty questionnaires BTW), but the “good girl” in me won’t allow it :oP

Three things I spend waaay too much time doing: 1. I’m a total Pinterest addict. Is there a support group for that?! 2. Making lists. It’s seriously out of control. My lists HAVE lists. No wonder I never feel like I get anything done. 3. Eating. Actually, I don’t think I spend too much time, just way too many calories. Dang sweet tooth! Go swell somebody else up :o(

Three things that Carol Burnett and I have in common: 1. We both know what it’s like to “dripping with little girls”. 2. We both can only half sing, but clearly enjoy it enormously. 3. Both of us dreamed of having a twin sister when we were little. I actually got twins to keep for always, IDT she got that lucky ;)

Three fads I find absolutely 100% ridiculous: 1. Skinny jeans on guys. It’s really not cute. What next? Dudes in bras? Skirts? This whole “equality” thing is really getting out of hand. 2. Big humongous bug-eye glasses. NOBODY’S eyes are THAT big! You look like flies. Take them off! 3. The whole over-the-top green/hug the earth/protect myself and my children to the point of bubble wrapping our bodies..........okay, that was a bit much, but seriously, we’re all gonna go one day or another. Science changes its mind daily. In my opinion the stress of worrying over every little thing is probably more damaging than the faint trace of whatever “they” found on my store bought produce.


  1. Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

    Yes! Yes! Those glasses are ridiculous! And have you seen some wear them that don't even have the lenses?! It's just for the look. What the--?!

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