Three for Thursday

11/03/2011 06:07:00 AM Posted by mommy2twincesses

Three things I stole from my kids’ Halloween candy stash: 1. Strawberry Laffy Taffy-I actually had to STEAL this as there was only one and M was dead set she was NOT going to share with me. *insert evil laugh* That’ll teach her to turn her head! 2. Skittles 3. All jaw breakers (to throw in the trash-NOT to eat!)

Three things I buy that have to be name brand: 1. Velveeta cheese if I’m making “Rotel” dip (I will however purchase off brand “Rotel”) 2. Ovaltine (not sure if that as a name brand but I don’t want just any chocolate milk mix) 3. Peter Pan peanut butter (this is a brand new addiction, but I have to side with DH on this one-it’s the best peanut butter out there!)

Three things I spend more than fifteen minutes doing every day: 1. Wasting time on the computer 2. Cooking, especially since I’ve been finding all these BOMB recipes on Pinterest (
follow me!) 3. Wiping someone’s butt (with three behinds to tend to, I’m certain it would all add up to more than fifteen minutes)

Three things that put me in a fantastic mood: 1. Singing and dancing like a complete idiot to some upbeat music-today’s jam of choice: “Mean” by Taylor Swift. K changed up the lyrics, “Someday, I’ll be living in the Emerald City and all you’re ever gonna be is ME!” Yes, my girls are a tad obsessed with the Wizard of Oz-see
Double the Dorothy ;) 2. Laughing and talking with my favorite girl friends (I miss you!) 3. Traveling. I absolutely don’t care where I’m going, but just “going” gets me all giddy!

Three things I do that a grown woman has no right to be doing anymore: 1. Sliding across the floor in my socks-when I break something (oh, say a hip) I'm going to tell myself "I told you so!" 2. Cracking up at totally inappropriate things. I’m assuming my terribly warped sense of humor will never leave me 3. Sneaking sweets-I buy them for Pete’s sake, there is NO reason to SNEAK them!

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  1. JESSICA JACK said...

    <3 Laffy Taffy!! I actually just went to check the candy stash...just in case but alas no laffy Taffy, if that does not call for a trip to Walmart, I don't know what does

  2. Parenting Patch said...

    The laffy taffy would have rotted her teeth anyway. You were just being a good mom ;)

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