Having a Big Family-When is it Time to Stop?

11/15/2011 02:42:00 PM Posted by mommy2twincesses

Having a big family is definitely not the norm these days. In fact, having a big family is such an uncommon thing they are filming reality shows about it.
Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve probably heard that the Duggars are now expecting their 20th child. Now that’s a REALLY big family by my standards!
But, when faced with the question of this week’s “Hot Topic Tuesday”, “when is a big family too big”, I can’t say that I have a definite answer for that.
I’ve read Enyo’s post on Motherhood Looms as well as Heather’s post over on Parenting Patch and I must say that I totally agree with both of them. As long as certain criteria are met, then it’s not my place (or anyone else’s) to say what’s too big a family for them.
The main question that comes to mind for me is:
*Can the parents provide for the family without government assistance? This includes of course all the basic needs: food, clothing, and shelter but also “necessities” like health care and love/attention.
If the answer is “yes” to the above then I just can’t see it being any of anyone’s business how many children make up the family.
Is a big family for me? No way! LOL, DH and I had “planned” on having an only child. God however, had other plans for us and for it, we couldn’t be more thrilled. I absolutely could not imagine my life without either one of my girls, but I also simply couldn’t imagine having 20 of them either :oP
Let’s hear it! What do you think? Are big families the way to go? Why or why not? What’s your “perfect” number family and why?


  1. Anonymous said...

    Hi, new reader here, my perfect number use to be 0, now the hubby and I are on number 4! We are defiantly done. We provide for our children without gvt assistance. I say if you can afford them then who am I to say you can't have them. I know for me and my family, we are done!

  2. Parenting Patch said...

    Big families are the way to go...for some couples. My husband and I want 4 kids, which most of my peers think it huge. However, the right number is not just some number. Family size depends solely on the family. For some, 0 is enough. For others, 1 or 2 or 3. It just depends.

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