Preschool Fine Motor Practice Pays Off

7/29/2012 03:15:00 PM Posted by mommy2twincesses

Since there is a time and a place for everything I'm going to go ahead and get this over with........I'm bragging! Yes, this post is basically just showing pure pride in my sweet baby girls and the preschool skills they are quickly mastering. At 3 years and 5 months here is one of the latest doodlings by K-it's her name and a girl :o)

Is it perfect? Nope, not quite. But for a 3 year old I think it's quite fantastic!

I've never been pushy with teaching them things, but with elementary education in my background, I've found that they learn so much through playing, so pretty much any time we're "playing", we're "learning" too. To get to this point we've done lots of coloring, drawing, letter name/recognition games, using the letters of their names in little made up songs and cheers, and of course tons of repetition and encouragement.

M isn't quite as good as K yet, but she's getting there! There is enough sibling rivalry between the two that neither one is going to be "out done" for long ;)

What kinds of things do you do with your little ones to jump start the reading/writing train?


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