Becoming a Butterfly-Bring it on 30

7/29/2012 03:55:00 PM Posted by mommy2twincesses

As the milestone birthday of 30 years creeps closer and closer to becoming my reality, I’m strangely growing more and more comfortable with the idea! It wasn’t long ago that I was, quite honestly, in freak-out mode about leaving my 20’s behind.
I had made long to-do lists in my mind and for some strange reason felt like I should have everything lined out and perfect by what once felt like “dooms day”.
But now, with the big day less than a month away, I’m feeling much more at peace……and little even, *gulp*, (should I say it?!) excited!
I had plans of working out like a crazy person to reclaim the body that I had before bringing my precious daughters into the world. After chasing that fantasy half-heartedly at best, I actually saw a nutritionist who gave me a healthy and utterly satisfying dose of reality. Instead of the 20-30 pounds that I “thought” I needed to shed, she advised that 10 be an absolute maximum, if I lost any at all. She helped me see that at this stage in life, it should be more about being healthy and generally comfortable in my own skin, and not dependant on the scale’s read out.
After letting the “10 pounds max” sink in, I’ve felt better about myself than I have in years! Screw the BMI charts! They’ve warped our minds! I’m almost 30, NOT 13! I have the body of a mother, one who amazingly created two humans at once, and yet it still functions just fine and leaves my hubby grinning like a school boy ;o) What more could I want?!
Bring it on 30! I’m ready for you! I’ve lived, I’ve learned, and I’m more beautiful and whole by the day! Every single time I belly laugh with my loved ones those fine lines may get a little deeper, but it’s just another stroke of good fortune in my opinion.
So here it is world! The fresh and proud face of (almost) 30!


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