Super Supper-Sausage and Cream Cheese Bake

2/24/2012 06:51:00 PM Posted by mommy2twincesses

Today was one of those crazy busy days, you know the ones when you get so much done you finally just crash and think “what was I thinking?!”. There’s no need to be jealous. I don’t have many of these days, it’s just that I’ve been sick for so long (battling the flu) that I felt like there were a million things I needed to catch up on; the main one being spending fun time with my girls!
After I got the laundry going we did a little painting. After painting we played “school” with two new preschooler learning games I whipped up: the alphabet wheel, to help solidify letter recognition and counting cards, to start working on number recognition and counting objects.
When those things got old we baked cookies, went to buy a birthday gift, and finally to family’s house to visit.
Whew! Can you say B.U.S.Y.?
Anyway, I was pooped and more than pleased when DH said he kind of felt like breakfast for supper because that means one thing in my mind-EASY!
I threw together one of our favorite things and I hope it becomes one of your favorite things too :o)
*1 can refrigerated croissants
*1 stick sausage (I use mild, but you use whatever you like)
*1 package cream cheese or Neaufchatel cheese; softened (I like the latter because it’s slightly lower in calories)
*Brown the sausage and drain.
*Blend the softened cheese of your choice in well with the browned and drained sausage.
*Spread this mixture over the *unrolled croissants* and bake at 350 degrees until golden brown.
***I starred “unrolled croissants” because there are several ways you can do this part. The original recipe I got this idea from called them “spirals” because they suggested that you roll the entire can of croissants out and spread the sausage mixture over it, roll it up (length wise), put it in the freezer for several minutes, slice into circular pieces, lay on a baking sheet, and bake. However, I found this to be a pain in the you-know-what so I cheat and simple lay out half of the can of croissants and press the seams together. I spread the mixture on top and then lay the other half on top and bake. However you decide to do it is totally up to you, and heck, you may come up with your own way. But no matter what, the recipe doesn’t change and it’s crazy good to be so simple!
I served this with basic scrambled eggs :o)


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