Super Supper-Chicken Pasta with Creamy Pesto Sauce

2/23/2012 05:42:00 PM Posted by mommy2twincesses

Tonight is the first of what I hope to continue in a “Super Supper” series. See, here’s the thing. I’m no great chef and I’m not all that great at following recipes. What I AM good at is taking what I have and creating something my family enjoys. Tonight, I did just that and thought I would share. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did :o)
Okay, so the ingredients:
*skinless boneless chicken breasts (I used 2)
*1/2 can of evaporated milk (I use this instead of heavy whipping cream, much less fattening)
*jarred pesto
*garlic powder, black pepper, chicken Worcestershire sauce
*noodles of your choice (I used Farfalle *aka* “butterfly” or “bow tie” whole wheat pasta)
Now, in one pot I got my noodles boiling. In another I mixed the evaporated milk, slab of butter, a couple of tablespoons of pesto, and a healthy sprinkling of black pepper, and let that simmer together while I cooked the chicken.
In a skillet I melted a small pat of butter and placed the chicken breasts on top. I sprinkled them with a good dose of garlic powder, black pepper, and chicken Worcestershire. To make it cook faster and so I wouldn’t have to do it later I cut the chicken into bite size pieces. (If I had had some red and/or yellow peppers I would have sliced them long ways and added them!)
When the chicken was done I poured the sauce mixture over the top, drained the noodles and also added them to the skillet. I mixed it all well and sprinkled the top with a little more black pepper and an Italian blend of shredded cheeses.
Super supper, super simple!
Because DH has to have all soft stuff right now after having all four of his wisdom teeth removed yesterday I did croissant rolls as the side instead of a veggie. Bad me, I know. But, DH needed it and we’re all bread feigns so *shrugs* sue me. Steamed broccoli, green beans, or asparagus would have set this off perfectly!
To spice up regular refrigerated croissants I added a small dollop of pesto to the inside of the rolls and sprinkled them with garlic. YUMMO!!!! I will DEFINITELY be doing this again! I’m a bit ashamed to say that every single one of us ate two………even the 3 year olds, OOPS! LOL


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