Disney Cruise Countdown Details

12/29/2012 08:33:00 PM Posted by mommy2twincesses

In a previous post, “Unique Countdown to Disney” I gave a brief overview of how I planned on spending out time from Christmas morning until the day we actually leave-11 days altogether. I’ve got the ball rolling and thought I’d share more details in case any of you want to have your own countdown someday :o)

Using a Mickey head cookie cutter, I traced and cut out colorful Mickey heads from scrapbook paper. I glued the heads to the front of regular white envelopes and wrote the countdown day number in the corner. I then strung them together with yarn and stuffed strips of paper inside that told the countdown fun to be had that day.

Here is picture:

The strips read as follows: (oh, but forget to mention where I got the cool Disney-like font, I found it free here http://www.dafont.com/walt-disney.font )
11.) 11 days until we leave, let’s pass the time by decorating the tree!
10.) Only 10 more days ‘til our trip so sweet, today we’ll bake some tasty treats!
9.) Just 9 days before we go, you can use these in the water hole!
8.) We won’t see our bunch for quite a while, let’s make some cards to make them smile!
7.) In just 7 days we’ll say “See Ya Real Soon”, let’s deliver our cards to family, like Mamaw June!
6.) 6 days until we’re out of this place, come help mommy pack our suitcase!
5.) In 5 short days we’ll jump on a plane-let’s learn all about it with reading and games!
4.) As we meet Mickey and other characters there, we’ll ask them politely to please sign these bears!
3.) Ahoy! There me mateys, 3 days ‘til we sail, we’ll party like pirates to wish Castaway Cay farewell!
2.) 2 days, oh my goodness! How ever will we sleep?! Be sure to answer when this rings and don’t make a peep!
1.) Today’s the day! It’s finally here! And look, Tink’s left you all this awesome Disney gear!

A Moment of Praise

12/13/2012 07:35:00 PM Posted by mommy2twincesses

Here I am, typing through tears of pure humble joy! What a God we serve!

In the hustle and bustle that is the “season” I’ve found myself lost in all the wrong things, not intentionally of course, but it happens.

Then, in all his mysterious glory, my Savior hugs my heart and opens its eyes long enough to feel joy insurmountable! 

Nothing out of the ordinary happened tonight, but praise his name, I saw my “normal” through his eyes.

As I was tucking my daughters into bed I felt tiny warm kisses from perfectly beautiful, extremely healthy, huge hearted children who love the Lord! 

I heard “You’re the best mommy in the WHOLE world!” as little arms encircled my neck and gave it a gentle squeeze.

I felt the comforts of a safe warm home in a quiet quaint neighborhood, saw our Christmas tree twinkling above a few gifts for treasured family members, and was completely overcome at that moment with gratitude and joy completely unspeakable!

Here I am, so undeserving, so blind, and yet, so incredibly blessed.

Words are inadequate to describe what’s going on in my heart at this very moment, so I’ll simply pass on a prayer that you too may be “blinded by the light” this season. That you’ll take a moment to look around, open your heart, and stop-be still-and truly absorb the many blessings around you!

“Joy to the world! The Lord has come!” and even with all our inadequacies, he loves us still! Halleluiah! 

As you’re counting your blessings feel free to comment below how He has moved you recently!

Simple Ways to Improve Your “Elf on the Shelf”

12/02/2012 11:04:00 AM Posted by mommy2twincesses

He’s everyone’s favorite guy of the month, next to Santa Claus himself. He’s sly, tricky, playful, and usually, quite frankly-up to no good! He’s the “Elf on the Shelf”. Ours is named Herbie, and unfortunately he looks EXACTLY like a million other elves-or at least he did last year ;)

I’m not a big fan of blending in, especially when it comes to little red elves that ooze mischief and are posted all over social media and store shelves alike. My girls are only 3 and seeing what appears to be “their” elf, EVERYWHERE else is downright confusing….and frustrating! So, I decided to make a few little adjustments to Herbie to set him apart from the pack (and make it easier for me to create mayhem with him).

To hopefully end the “There’s Herbie!” cries, I simply sewed a tiny silver jingle bell to the top of his hat. That’s it, for this year anyway. I told the girls that the bell was a special gift to Herbie from Santa, kind of like a Girl Scout badge. He must’ve been a very helpful elf to earn such a big reward! 

I’ve decided that if the trend of “elf personalizing” catches on (which I’m sure it will because it’s brilliant, LOL) that I’ll add a little something different each year. Like next year he may have a name tag, new shoes, a cool stripe down his pants, a flashy silver belt…….who knows?!

But the main improvement I made, from a mommy perspective anyway, was the floral wire to his limbs. I was fed up with trying to figure out how to get this stiff little felt doll to stay where I put him, so I made tiny slits in hidden places and ran doubled floral wire through his arms and legs! A job well done, if I have to say so myself! The little booger is now bendable and posable and I don’t have to fiddle for hours with string, putty, or tape to make him stay put!

Go mommy! It’s your birthday! And now elf posing won’t drive you cra-zay! *doing a little dance*

Have you tweaked your elf in some way? If so, share your ideas in the comments below!